ACER supports the small and micro-businesses that are the economic backbone of BIPOC immigrant communities in the Northwestern suburbs. Our work includes connecting businesses to resources, providing free technical assistance and one-to-one business consulting, training for start-ups and new business owners, and distributing micro-grant funding and scholarships.

Current Initiatives

Business Services

No matter if it is an idea-stage venture or you have been operating for 25 years, our business services connect and support businesses with their pressing business needs. Services include:

Free Technical Assistance: ACER consultants offer free services in Accounting & Bookkeeping, Business Strategy, Financial Advising, Human Resources, & Marketing.

Training: With our partners, ACER hosts training sessions for aspiring and current business owners, so they can learn best business practices and navigate the day-to-day operations of their business.

NDC Training: The Neighborhood Development Center is offering Entrepreneur Training this August:

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Grants: Through micro-grant funding, ACER reallocates resources to local business

owners. We issue grants to business owners who have a variety of needs and may have traditionally faced barriers in accessing grants.

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ACER works in partnership with various levels of government local cities, counties, and states. To push for structural and programmatic policy changes to support better access to resources for BIPOC businesses, and community infrastructure. As well as civic leadership development for owners to advocate around policy changes.

Community Development Projects

The purpose of ACER’s community development work is to promote, sustain, support, and maintain community action. Community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions for community wealth building. Currently, we are working on creating Economic Hubs in the Northwest suburbs. These hubs will be intentional in providing direct funding to support community ownership models.

Current Events

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