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Communities Combating Hate Statement on Buffalo Massacre

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The Communities Combating Hate Coalition of Minnesota is horrified by the massacre in Buffalo, NY. Our hearts break for the victims and their families. No one should have to fear…

ACER Organizer Awarded Fellowship at Humphrey School of Public Affairs

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We’re proud to announce that ACER Housing Organizer, Fadumo Mohammed, has been chosen as a recipient of the Charles R. Krusell Fellowship in Community Development. Fadumo has been working at…

Spanish Vaccine Education Video

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Somali Vaccine Education Video

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Pidgen Vaccine Education Video

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ACER Hosts Economic Development Panel

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Monday, April 12 — ACER inc. hosted a zoom webinar, streamed on Facebook, discussing the Twin Cities micro-business landscape and initiatives to assist micro-business owners to recover from the pandemic.…

MN ERASE Campaign Seeking RentHelpMN Stories

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ACER is convening with the Minnesota Housing Partnership and the Housing Justice Center to better understand the needs of Minnesotans who have been through the process of applying for the…

ACER Addresses Vaccine Hesitancy through education and community partnerships

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In September, the ACER Health Equity Team arranged a flu shot and COVID-19 vaccination clinic in partnership with Ebenezer Church. The event was an opportunity for the ACER Health Equity…

Vaccine Clinic at Brooklyn Park Activity Center

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Mayor Jacobson Encourages Vaccination for Residents   https://youtu.be/_d0gFmMAjwg It's important to get vaccinated to protect ourselves and our community. That's why Brooklyn Park Mayor Lisa Jacobson and ACER are inviting…

Tenants at Georgetown Park Apartments Protest Management’s Predatory Practices

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Brooklyn Park, MN — On October 5, 2021, members of nonprofit African Career, Education and Resource Inc. (ACER) joined Georgetown Park tenants in solidarity with the tenants’ protest against new…

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