Civic Engagement

ACER is empowering our community members to engage in civic participation. We encourage people to participate in the affairs of their local, state, and national governments in order to have their voices heard and needs met. We register voters, keep community members up to date on issues impacting their lives, and partner with community members and groups to advance causes that better the lives of our fellow residents.

Current Initiatives

Redistricting Updates:

ACER Organizers urge the Charter Commission to consider the needs of residents, the goals and barriers of the community, and fairness in the redistricting process. ACER remains committed to promoting the expressed interests and priorities of the Brooklyn Park community in the redistricting process and through our continued community action.

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The redistricting process is instrumental in determining which neighborhoods, communities, homes, and businesses are grouped together within the same district. These districts are the building block on which officals are elected and which policies are pursued.

Read about the Brooklyn Park Local Redistricting process.

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Equity in Place: 2022 Policy Agenda

ACER is a part of Equity in Place (EIP), a diverse group of partner organizations led by people of color and housing advocates working to advance Housing Justice and equitable community development. Recently EIP released its 2022 policy agenda. The agenda highlights the current state of housing instability in Minnesota and details the policy priorities (such as eviction expungement and source of income protection) and budget priorities (such as rent vouchers and first-time homebuyers grants) that policymakers at the state capital must consider in order to create systemic change that delivers justice and equity for renters and communities.

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EIP 2022 Policy Agenda

Opportunity Site

The Opportunity Site is an approximately 80-acre area west of Hwy 100 and east of Shingle Creek Parkway, between Bass Lake Road and Summit Drive. ACER Organizers have established a task force representing various stakeholders who live, work, or own businesses in Brooklyn Center. The task force will create a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA), a binding agreement signed by the developers and the community. In creating the CBA, the goal is to ensure that this once-in-a-lifetime development will yield true benefits for current and future Brooklyn Center community members.

For more info about the Opportunity Site Contact Fadumo at Fmohamed@acerinc.org763-657-7711

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