Housing Justice

ACER connects residents to the vital resources that they need to stay in their homes. Since the eviction moratorium and RentHelpMN ended, our work has never been more necessary. ACER believes in empowering renters to advocate for their right to safe and stable housing; we organize residents to discuss issues facing their apartments or townhomes and assist them in taking concrete action to ensure that their demands are met. Additionally, we work with community partners and tenants to advance policies that guarantee Just Housing for all community members.

Current Initiatives

Housing Resources

ACER inc. finds and compiles housing resources that can benefit our community members, including:

  • Free Legal Help for Renters
  • Assistance Paying Utilities
  • Energy Assistance and Water Assistance Programs
  • Mortgage payment assistance with HomeHelpMN
  • Applying for Sky Without Limits Tenant Cooperative
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Renters Protection Community

What is the tenant cohort about?

It’s a leadership development program for renters to learn more about their rights as tenants. ACER organizers support renters and their renter communities to solve housing issues by giving them the tools to advocate for their rights. The course is 2 hour a week for 8 weeks.

Contact: Fadumo Mohamed | fmohamed@acerinc.org | info@acerinc.org | 763-225-8237 | 763-657-7711

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The RentHelpMN rental assistance program is no longer accepting applications. Currently, we are assisting people who have already submitted an application for rental assistance through RentHelpMN. However, ACER is still connecting people to other housing resources. Find more resources on our Housing Resrouces Page.

Housing Resources
Minnesota ERASE Campaign

The Minnesota ERASE Campaign (End Rental Arrears and Stop Evictions) is an effort to ensure that the historic aid enacted by Congress reaches the lowest-income and most marginalized renters it is intended to help. Convened by ACER Inc, Housing Justice Center, and MHP, the campaign aims to eliminate rental indebtedness caused by the pandemic, prevent evictions, and create support for long-term policy changes to end housing instability and homelessness.

In order to better understand the needs of Minnesotans ERASE is asking tenants & landlords about their experience with the RentHelpMN application. 

Tell MN ERASE about your RentHelpMN Experience:
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